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Stop Smoking Now Hypnosis Program

Is smoking your dirty little secret? Are you hiding out, embarrassed by judgment of non-smokers, and not feeling welcome in public places? Are you constantly using gum, mints, and sprays to cover the smell? Are you sick and tired of shortness of breath, low energy, coughing, stained teeth and aged skin? Are you still spending thousands of dollars making yourself sick and guilty, instead of taking that vacation? Bottom line, are you DONE with having crushed dried leaves, wrapped in a little piece of paper, CONTROL YOU? Our bet is that you answered “yes” to most if not all of these questions, and you are not alone.

The Program

Our quit smoking hypnosis services can help!  We help people stop smoking! It’s really that simple. There are no gums, patches or pills. Our smoking cessation hypnosis can provide you peace of mind and allow you to improve your quality of life.

Frustrated by Failed Attempts to Quit?

The success rate for quitting smoking "cold turkey" is estimated to be around 4% to 7%. This means that out of 100 people who attempt to quit smoking without any form of nicotine replacement therapy or medication, only 4 to 7 people are likely to succeed in the long term.  That means that 93% to 97% of people who want to quit smoking need help.

Many people try nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), prescription medications, or a combination of approaches. Using products like nicotine gum, patches, or lozenges can slightly increase the rate of success when compared to quitting cold turkey. Prescription medications, such as Chantix or Zyban, can also be more effective in helping people quit smoking, compared to cold turkey. However, many have reported not being able to deal with the side effects of Chantix and Zyban.  Both have reported side effects of:

  • Nausea

  • Headaches

  • Insomnia

  • Mood Changes (such as Depression and Suicidal Thoughts)

Chantix has also caused:

  • Bad Dreams

  • GI issues (Gas and Constipation)

  • Allergic reaction symptoms

Zyban's additional side effects reported are:

  • Dry Mouth

  • Anxiety

  • Seizures 

Here are some common frustrations that people experience when trying to quit smoking:

  • Cravings

  • Relapse

  • Irritability

  • Social pressure

  • Weight gain

  • Stress

If you are reading this and have been trying to quit, then it's most likely you've experienced some of these frustrations too.

How This is Different

Since we already know that most smokers (at least 93% of them) need help quitting and nicotine replacement only increased that success by 3%-7%, still leaving at least 86% that need further help.  The prescription pills tend to make you feel horrible, what's a person to do when they want to be free of this nasty habit.

Hypnosis has zero side effects (other than feeling relaxed). You do need an experienced hypnotist.  Look for a hypnotist that not only has years of experience, but has devoted enough time to their craft to master their craft. We've had more than 10,000 hypnosis sessions and have been tweaking this stop smoking program for more than 10 years.  Additional suggestions included:

  • that you don't need to replace one bad habit with another, such as overeating.  

  • as a nonsmoker you can be around others who smoke.

  • confidence around being smoke-free.

Also included in your program are tools to release stress and cravings.

And, if you start smoking again within the a year from when you purchased your program, you can repeat the program at no additional cost!  

What is Provided

  • There are 2 Live Sessions.  The first session is the main session and the second session is the followup.  There are two options for the second session, depending on you and how you are doing.

    • The first option is for those who have completely stopped smoking.  In this session you are given suggestions reinforce that you have stopped and will not start again.​

    • The second session is for everyone else and I approach things differently.

  • Included in the program are three (3) digital hypnosis recordings to support you on this journey.  They are:​​

    • You've Got This

    • Relax and Release Stress

    • Smoke Free Now

  • Short guided meditation to release any cravings.

  • Tapping information to give you another tool.

  • If you start smoking again and need to retake the program, you have up to one year from when you start that you can reach out to me and I can add you to the next session being offered.

See and hear what some of our smoke free clients are saying...

If you don't see an upcoming group that you can attend, please schedule a quick inquiry call on the calendar.

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