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Lose Weight Now Hyposis Program

Still frustrated at how it makes you feel so uncomfortable, clothes don’t fit right, joints hurt, not liking how you look in the mirror or perhaps, even hiding so people don’t see how much you’ve gained.  Tired of being tired, getting winded going up stairs, not doing the things you used to do.  The lack of confidence and self esteem, embarrassed, negative self talk, self conscious, worrying about your health, perhaps diabetic now, maybe high blood pressure.These are some of the things people have told us that the excess weight does to them. 

The Program

  • We developed a weight loss program that is cost effective, convenient and that balances nutrition and fitness. There are NO prepackaged foods, pills, strict diets, or dangerous surgeries. With weight loss hypnosis, we help you emotionally gain control, develop healthy eating habits, enjoy physical activity, build self-confidence, reduce stress, and feel more energetic. 

Frustrated by Failed Diets?

  • Many diets promise quick and dramatic weight loss, leading people to set unrealistic expectations.  They often encourage short-term changes in eating habits, which can lead to temporary weight loss. However, many people find it challenging to maintain these changes over the long term. 

  • Some diets require strict restrictions or eliminate entire food groups, making them difficult to maintain in the long run. This lack of sustainability can lead to frustration when people inevitably deviate from the diet.  

  • Many diets promote specific eating plans without providing the necessary information or support for those healthy eating habits. When people don't understand why a diet is or isn't working, they can become frustrated.  Frustration with failed diets can lead to feelings of guilt and self-criticism. This negative self-talk can create a cycle of emotional eating and further frustration. Repeatedly losing and regaining weight, known as yo-yo dieting.

  • Emotional factors often play a significant role in people's eating habits. Stress, boredom, and other emotions can lead to "cheat days" or binge-eating, undermining the diet's effectiveness.  

  • Challenges: Diets can interfere with social activities and make it difficult to enjoy meals with friends and family. This can lead to a feeling of isolation and frustration.  

How This is Different

  • Lose Weight Now Hypnosis Program offers a cost-effective group hypnosis program that is made up of 6 live hypnosis sessions over about 10 weeks.  the expectation is a realistic 10-30 pounds of weight loss over the duration of this program.  Doctors recommend 1-3 pounds loss a week and we support that.  This program concludes with suggestions around motivation to continue on your weight loss journey until you reach your goal.

  • Rarely is any journey a straight line.  And you know that tormenting yourself isn't going to get you anywhere, not without a lot of bad feelings.  Any weight loss success is going to require changes in your eating habits.  Hypnosis can make those shifts in your patterns and habits more attainable.  Just about every diet has failed, some a great deal more than others.  We suggest changes around eating food, in managed portions, that offers nourishment for your body and not consumption for an emotional distraction.

  • After talking with thousands of people seeking help for weight loss, many, if not nearly all, agree that they eat when they are not physically hungry.  This may provide a temporary distraction to stress or other emotions and for this reason we have an entire session devoted to just that - stress and emotional eating.

  • You do not have to avoid social activities.  The goal is to gain control and use some common sense.  The goal is not to permanently avoid cake or Thanksgiving.  You are human and bound to make some mistakes.  This doesn't make you a failure, just human, learning and working on a goal you would like to attain for yourself.  Sometimes, we need some support to get there.

What is Provided

  • There are 6 Live Sessions.  In each session we do a checkin, (time limited to size of group) to address any areas or answer questions.  In one of the sessions I teach you Self Hypnosis and give you a few useful ways to use it and we run through a practice to build your confidence with it.

  • Included in the program are four (4) digital hypnosis recordings to support you on this journey.  They are:

    • See the Goal​

    • You've Got This

    • Motivation Maker

    • Relax and Release Stress

  • Success Notes to offer quick bits of useful info to aid in your success.

  • If you need to retake a specific session or missed a session, you have up to one year from when you purchased your program that you can reach out to me and I can add you to the next session being offered.

See and hear what some of our weight loss clients are saying...

If you don't see an upcoming group that you can attend, please schedule a quick inquiry call on the calendar.

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